Core Art Journaling is about making marks, collecting ideas and using instinctive colour to remember and express life and experiences past and present.

What is Art Journaling

You process your feelings and thoughts.
Relieves anxiety by allowing yourself not to be control of the outcome of the page.
You are guided to get out what’s in your head onto the page.
You find a deeper sense of yourself.
Relieves stress and builds your self esteem.
You record your life and what is going on over time.
Environmentally friendly, we upcylce old books and give them a new life.
We learn how to make our own sketch books by up cycling old materials.
We liberate ourselves with meditational mark making exercises which allow us free flow thoughts.
We give ourselves permission to be ourselves in a safe environment.
ART FOR ALL its fun, there are no rules, you can get messy or keep it neat and tidy, you choose.
It can fit into your daily well being routine.
Be part of an honest and authentic CORE COMMUNITY



5 things about me

I have slept in Windsor Castle

I spent a week on a desert island

I got told I couldn’t paint

My art is on the other side of the world

I can't ever just eat one biscuit!


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