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Why are we so fascinated with ‘How to” videos?

Part of the fun of art journaling is searching for new materials and I am always looking for inspiration for my Core Art Journaling.

Even as a child I loved watching the TV show Blue Peter where I would be completely absorbed in their ‘how to’ slot learning to make myself something extraordinarily useless like a cardboard jewellery box out of egg boxes, the fact that I can still visualise those demos on screen says something for my learning by watching.

Its all about the making.

Its all about the making.

You Tube

So what is it about our fixation for watching ‘how to’ videos on You tube? It seems we just can’t get enough of them and I have frequently found myself down some dark digital alley watching some random video like how to wash out plastic packaging to make mark rubbings and then wondering how on earth did I find myself here!?

Gratefully my ‘How to’ fixation came to fruition this winter when I needed to sort out my radiators and after getting fed up with some unqualified handyman overcharging me for a 10 minute job I decided to have a go myself. With my I phone in hand and a few tools I watched how to sort out my heating problem and amazingly it worked although I have sneaky feeling I got lucky on that one!

Art Journal processing

As humans we search for answers to questions online, and of those, three in five turn to online videos in particular to learn or solve problems.

Did you know that DIY slime is in the CNET top 10 vids!

Videos are a compelling way to learn how to do something online because they show you how to exactly do it. Statistics show that 4 times as many people would rather watch a video than read an instruction manual and I’m definitely one of them. The pearl is that anyone, anywhere in the world without cost or travel and importantly the embarrassment of public failure can learn about anything. Interstingly ‘How to tie a bow tie’ has up to 250,000 hits on You tube, it’s seems show rather then tell is what we want.

We are fascinated by PROCESS videos because they are:
We can REWIND and learn at your own pace
We GET IDEAS from someone of genuine passion and interest.

When I lived in an isolated town in the French Alps I needed to find inspiration and something creative to help me, You tube was where I found mountains of inspiration. I spent my time watching hundreds of videos which inspired me to start searching for books in the French flea markets to use to journal in.

Below is my own FREE short video on You tube showing you a process of :
How to prepare and create your own altered book for journaling

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But… there is nothing like experiencing and learning in person and if you want to try Art Journaling I am running a TASTER morning at Winchester Discovery Centre on Saturday March 16 2019 9.30-1pm. All levels are warmly welcome, to book click link below.






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