I am an avid art journaler who believes that to change our negative self talk and inner critic and to walk way from wanting perfection we visual journal our thoughts and feelings. In order to get it out we get it out onto the page.. Art journaling is a great way to process, self discover and build self esteem. We use it to make sense of this world and our thoughts.

This is a fabulous thing to do to clear away the humdrum, thoughts and worries! 

Rachel, Winchester

In my workshops we use mixed media, mindfulness and lots of other fun techniques to self discover and shift ourselves to experience the outside world differently. My creativity is about collecting ideas, half a century old pieces of paper, making collage work, exploring encaustic wax with wooden letter press, dripping colours in wax, spreading beautiful blues and ayering ideas with pieces of history.

I did an art degree and worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in London. I love print, type and letterpress and have done a lot reduction woodblock, screen and love the immediacy of mono printing and sold work through galleries and exhibitions.

I have a daily routine art journaling and love upcycling old books using old childhood sketches, magazine and mixing into my visual diaries in a creative and emmotional journey. My motto is keep learning

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