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Art journaling is a creative conversation with yourself.

I’m passionate about art journaling and have been journaling for 20 years. The process has helped me get through some difficult times in my life and I believe helped change my negative self talk and inner critic. My art journal is a safe place for my thoughts and feelings and my space to be authentic and honest with myself.

We art journal to get out whats in our heads onto the page.

Art journaling is a creative and mindful way to process, self discover and build self esteem. A self care tool to make sense of the world and our thoughts.

This is a fabulous thing to do to clear away the humdrum, thoughts and worries! 

Rachel, Winchester

My workshops for adults and young adults

I run a variety of Creative Well Being workshops and Retreats to help combat stress, anxiety and have creative fun, Combining my creative background, working with Mental Health Charity Solent Mind and teaching and working with adolescnts and children I have created enquiring, fun and creative workshops for teenagers and young adults,

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Mixed media is part of the fun!

Mixed media is part of the fun!

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We use mixed media, mindfulness and lots of creative fun techniques and prompts to self discover and shift ourselves to experience the outside world differently. Its about exploring, letting go of control and inhibitions and putting trust in yourself and the process.

My art journaling is about collecting ideas, half a century old pieces of paper, making collage work, exploring encaustic wax, wooden letter press, dripping colours in wax and spreading paints, not worrying about the final outcome and allowing the process to unveil the story.

After my art degree I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in London. I love mixed media, print, and the immediacy of collage, stencilling and stamping, My work has been sold and shown through galleries and exhibitions in London and France.

I have a daily routine art journaling which involves working in up cycling old books using old bits of paper, magazine and using my visual diaries to emotionally and creatively connect with myself.

Gather inspiration, reflect and
be yourself!

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