Art Journaling is about making marks, collecting ideas and using instinctive colour to remember and express life and experiences past and present.

My story

I worked as a professional illustrator and graphic designer in London after that I moved back to Winchester to where I first studied. I now enjoy using all my collected skills with my ever growing stacks of  papers and inspiration to follow a visual journey of self discovery through my art journaling.



5 things about me

I have slept in Windsor Castle

I spent a week on a desert island

I have walked down Fulham road in a wedding dress

My art is on the other side of the world

I can't ever just eat one biscuit!

I sold my first piece in Harvey Nichols whilst studying fine art in London. My work has appeared in Tatler and I have worked as a published illustrator and desinger before moving to the The Alps where I created bold colourful art series reflecting the dramatic changing seasons in the mountains.

My work is layered and colourful. I admit to a hoarding habit of strange, quirky and beautiful images some over 50 years old to use in my collages and art jouranalling.  I now live  back in Winchester where I call home. 


Deborah Porter © All images 2018